6 Worst Minecraft Situations!

For those who don’t know what Minecraft is, it’s a video game available on PC, Xbox, PS4 or Mobile (possibly other ways to play it as well, but these are all that I’m currently aware of). As is in the name, it is a game based on crafting or building. You can choose to simply build, build and build some more on creative mode, or you can choose survival mode, where you must find food, build weapons and tools and avoid the nighttime monsters. These are (in my opinion) some of the worst situations that can happen in survival mode!

1. Baby Zombies 

Running into baby zombies. Seriously, those little troublemakers are deadly. They move quick, they’re tiny and harder to see. I have died at the hands of these small, undead tykes many, MANY times. And where there’s one zombie, there is usually a hoard to follow!

2. Landing on the TNT Switch in a Desert Temple 

In desert temples, far below the ground floor, lay four chests full of loot- usually diamonds. However, there is also a switch, which will set off the several blocks of TNT buried beneath- destroying all the loot. Now, who likes losing all that precious loot?!

3. Dying in the Middle of Water

For someone who has been playing Minecraft for a few years now, you’d be surprised how often I’ll die at the hands of a skeleton, or the like. Usually in water and always while I have a lot of stuff on hand. Almost impossible to get back when you have to try and return to your death spot and then swim to the bottom to try and rescue your things. You’ll just die all over again. *Sigh*

4. Accidentally Looking at the Enderman

We all know what happens when you look at an Enderman. He freaks out and will try to kill you. Although sometimes we do this on purpose to try and get his valuable enderpearl, we usually want to avoid him. But accidents do happen…and he doesn’t take kindly to it! Although you may to try to run away, or be brave and fight him, he can teleport. And there is a good chance you’ll die.

5. Getting Lost in the Abandoned Mineshaft 

So you found a great abandoned mineshaft, you’ve got loads of great loot- including some diamonds and it’s time to head back home. But wait, where’s the exit? I thought it was this way?! You find yourself going deeper and deeper into the mineshaft before you eventually give up all hope of ever finding your house and plan a new life elsewhere… or you end up getting killed by one of the many monsters that lurk deep within……

6. Creeper in Your House! 

So you’ve built a fine and mighty home for yourself and everything is looking nice and cosy. You’ve spent hours mining and building, ensuring everything is perfect. What could possibly ruin this tranquility? Oh, just a creeper waltzing in and blowing itself up! Yup, what a buzz kill..

These are some of the most annoying things that can happen while playing, though they can make the game more interesting when playing with multiple people… *wink wink, nudge nudge*


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