Hiding From The World

You can always smell the rain before it comes, almost like the earth is nervous about the impending wet doom. Afterwards the damp smell clings like perfume- the earth is rejuvenated, refreshed, alive, flowers no longer dying of thirst. Petrichor, they call it. That pleasant smell accompanying the first rain in a dry season.  Humans don’t quite appreciate the necessity of the rain. Maybe farmers do. But the Irish don’t appreciate the the sunshine either, on her rare visits. We complain a lot. Nobody can talk about the weather like we do. It’s invigorating, almost exciting.


Rain is the perfect excuse to snuggle under blankets with a cup of your preferred hot beverage. (I like coffee, particularly mochas.) I am in fact writing this from bed and can definitely envision a nap in the next hour or two. Perhaps I’ll even fall asleep mid sentence… No, i’m joking. There is too much caffeine in my bloodstream right now, allowing me to explore whole new worlds hidden behind a singular word. A writer will forever live in their imagination.

I am busy hiding from the world today. Sometimes hiding from the world is a necessity. I am a bit of a social recluse at times. It’s not that I dislike company. in fact I quite adore it. But from time to time, I need to recharge. Taking a day to myself. Maybe I have a dodgy battery. Today is one of those days, but without the sprinkle of sadness like icing sugar on cake that you tried so hard to make appealing. I am not eating cake today. (Okay, I lied. I MIGHT eat cake today.)

Coincidentally, writing days are usually on recharge days. Writing soothes the soul, tucks it into bed and tells it to dream. But this is not always the case. Sometimes inspiration will hit in the middle of Penney’s knickers section, or while sitting next to a lady on a busy bus, who smells mildly like mints. Today, inspiration comes under the protection of a fuzzy blanket I probably don’t need. After all, it is the middle of May.

Sometimes hiding from the world really is necessary ‘devils work’, or a complete bliss depending on your tolerance of pants wearing. (By the way, pants suck so today is 100% bliss!)

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will go outside. Or maybe not.



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