Truths and Half-Truths


Focus on nothing but the absolute truths. I know there’s sunshine heating my milk-bottle white legs and a breeze fluttering over my partially revealed shoulders. Like a queen being fanned by her loyal subjects, only without the colonial oppression of millions. Coffee brings out the wildest metaphors, you’re in for a fun train wreck of collateral damage prose today.

Sunshine brings out my most peaceful forms, or so I like to tell myself. Wait until mid-July when I’m hanging for the auburn and red beauty that is autumn, when I can safely wear sweaters and jeans without melting into a tiny puddle. But for now I still enjoy summer, it isn’t time to change my mind just yet. So I may come across as the personification of embodied mindfulness, with a colourful splash of caffeine induced strange thoughts. I would say that sums up my personality, but that is only a half truth and today we’re focusing only on the absolute truths.

An absolute truth is my adoration of writing. Why do I write at all? There is something about this ballpoint pen ink-stains on your hands- kind of life that feels more exhilarating to me than peering at the earth from space, or possibly from a mountain top. It is as important to me as brushing my teeth, or having another day to wake up. But why?

My fingertips pirouette across pages, sentence after sentence, I becoming more alive and maybe even happy. Okay, definitely happy, despite what my angry, politically inspired poetry might tell you. Writing allows me to not only see the world, it lets me mould it and live in it. There are some people who carry nothing but crude anger towards the universe. Maybe they’ll try to hurt you. We have all felt pain before and no doubt will feel it again. That is what makes us human.

But for me, being a writer means opening a door and walking away from the pain. Perhaps for others it is splashing a blank canvas with paint, or its kicking a ball down a field. It could be the cup of tea in your hands, the Xbox you just switched on or the smile from that cute baby you saw on the bus. Pain is not forever.

Focus on nothing but the absolute truth that pain is not forever.



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